When YOASOBI Drops a Banger for Oshi no Ko

When YOASOBI Drops a Banger for Oshi no Ko

Yoasobi dropping Idol for the Oshi no Ko anime. Also somehow snuck Akane Kurokawa in there. It’s on hidive not crunchyroll #anime #manga #oshinoko


Anime / Manga / Light Novel: Oshi no Ko – My Star – 推しの子 TVアニメ by Aka Akasaka, Gigguk from trash taste podcast has a vid on it
Can’t wait for Oshi no Ko episode 8
Oshi no Ko opening Idol by @Yoasobi:【推しの子】ノンクレジットオープニング|YOASOBI「アイドル」Ayase and Ikura
Oshi no Ko ending song:【推しの子】ノンクレジットエンディング|女王蜂「メフィスト」Mephisto by Queen Bee
BGM: tiny light by kito akari from tbhk (toilet bound hanako-kun)

Spring 2023 anime: Demon Slayer, Doctor Stone, Tonikawa Season 2 (Tonikaku Kawaii), Hell’s Paradise, Konosuba megumin spin off, Ancient Magus Bride season 2, Mashle


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Written by Kito Senpai

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