The Manga Review: Didn’t It Rain

Congratulations to Lianne Sentar, who was just promoted to a new position at Seven Seas Entertainment: publisher! She’s done a little bit of everything in the manga industry—writing Sailor Moon novels for Tokyopop, freelancing as an editor, starting her own publishing company—and seems like a perfect fit for the job. In other news, Scholastic will be launching its Graphix Manga line with an adaptation of UnicoStudio Ghibli has been acquired by Nippon TV… and a Delaware parent took a public stand on behalf of her kids’ after-school manga club. At issue was the principal’s decision to limit members’ access to manga rated “T” or older, which he felt were inappropriate for middle-school readers. Jennifer Antonik disagreed, and started a petition at to pressure the school to reverse course.


If you’re a fan of I’m in Love with the Villainess in any of its incarnations—light novel, manga, anime—you’ll want to check out Erica Friedman’s conversation with inori.-sensei; Mari Morimoto translates. [Okazu]

Toni Sun interviews Kyoko Aiba, author of I Love You Enough to Tie You Up, Derail, and Invisible Me. [ANN]

Muraktama Rodrigues explains why you should check out Rooster Fighter[How to Love Comics]

In her latest Pubwatch, Masha Zhdanova pans Like a Butterfly, praises DRCL#, and rounds up the latest news from VIZ. [WWAC]

Joe McCulloch, Katie Skelly, and Sally Madden delve into the complexities of Kazuo Umezz’s Cat-Eyed Boy, which has just been reissued in a “perfect edition.” [Thick Lines]

Party like it’s 1985! The Mangasplainers tackle the ultimate 80s cat manga: Makoto Kobayashi’s wonderful, weird, and oh-so-slightly dated What’s Michael? [Mangasplaining]


SKJAM! reviews Blade of the Moon Princessan early series from the creator of Spy X Family… Adam Symchuk praises Suzuki Just Wants a Quiet Life, a new mystery series from Hirohisa Satou… and Jon Holt and Teppei Fukuda translate Natsume Fusanosuke’s review of Otomo: The Complete Works.

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